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I have submitted the following statement of qualifications as support for my request to be named as a candidate for director for Region 6, the West Coast region. The numbered sections are as listed and defined by LAB.

1 Commitment

Defined as: Commitment to cycling -- as sport, recreation, fitness, or transportation, and knowledge of bicyclists' concerns

I started cycling in 1937 and I am still doing it. My first race was in 1949, my last about 1974. I have participated in club day rides, overnight rides, youth hosteling, century and double century rides, cycling vacations, regional and national rallies, some British touring. Since 1974 I have devoted myself to developing and advocating the discipline of bicycle transportation engineering. I have served in the highest ranks of this nation's cycling organizations, and in the most eminent of the technical organizations related to cycling.

I am at this time managing (and largely funding) a California Appellate law case that is intended to restore the legal validity of the safety design standards for Class One Bikeways.

In all of this, my commitment has been to the welfare of cyclists, directly, rather than to some ambiguous and amorphous entity named cycling. The remainder of this document should demonstrate the depth, width, and duration of my commitment to the welfare of cyclists.

2 Prior Experience

Defined as: Prior Involvement in Bicycling-Related Organizations

I revived the California Association of Bicycling Organizations to participate in the discussions concerning the changes in bicycling traffic law and bicycling facilities that started in 1972. I served as its President for several years (1974-76), since then often as its representative to California government, and for many years since I have served as its technical consultant.

I was the chairman of the adult cycling subcommittee of the California Department of Education Traffic Safety Task Force. (1973)

I was the sole bicycling representative to the California Legislature's Statewide Bicycle Committee (1974-76), and after that to the California DOT Bicycle Facilities Committee as it produced the bicycling facility standards that ended up as the AASHTO Guide for Bicycle Facilities. (1976-77)

I was a member of the Bicycling Committee of the Transportation Research Board, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, for which I both presented research papers and was one of the referees on papers submitted for acceptance. (1977-1983)

I was a cycling representative to the National Committee for Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances, particularly during the time of the "big bicycle revision" of 1976.

I have served on the California State Bicycle Advisory Committee for many years.

I created and taught the cycling course of the Foothill Community College, that was the forerunner of the Effective Cycling course. (1975) This resulted in the first edition of Effective Cycling.

I created and taught the first professional-level seminar in cycling transportation engineering, for the University of California Institute for Transportation Studies. (1976-77) This resulted in the first edition of Bicycle Transportation.

3 Participation

Defined as: Participation in League Activities and Programs

In 1976, I donated the Effective Cycling Program to the League. From then until the mid 1980s I developed and operated the Effective Cycling Instructor training and qualification program, and assisted the Education Committee in further developing that program. It was after my service that the League failed to maintain the EC Program.

I served as director of the League from 1976 to 1984.

About 1976, I was one of the hard-working volunteers who rescued the League from technical bankruptcy as the result of the relationship with the Bicycle Manufacturers' Association.

I served as president of the League in 1979-80. During my presidency I negotiated acceptance of the League's policies on matters such as nighttime protective equipment and bikeways. I worked with the publications editor to ensure that League's members were fully informed of the League's business and actions, whether they reflected well or ill on me. In the president's monthly column, I regularly expressed the policy that the League existed for the welfare of its members and that they, and the League, fared best when they acted and were treated as drivers of vehicles.

I did my best to preserve the League from takeover by the anti-motorists who were based in Ohio, but they succeeded by tactics that were legalistic and unethical. After that takeover, they again ran the League into technical bankruptcy through overextension and overambition.

Since that time, I have continually observed the operations of the League, considering when it might be possible to restore the League to serving its core membership of lawful, competent cyclists.

4 Volunteer Service

Defined as: History of Volunteer Service to Non-Profit Organizations and familiarity with the issues of governance of non-profits (legal, issues, board operation, etc.) preferably through service as an Officer/Director/Trustee

As a life member of the Sierra Club, I assisted in instructing the Winter Mountaineering Classes and produced a training film on that subject. That was in the days of 8-millimeter film.

I now serve as Treasurer of the San Diego Darkroomers, a photographic club. I now serve as a Director of the San Diego English Country Dance Club. I have researched the procedure for incorporating a non-profit organization, but we have not decided to do that. I am a member of the board of the San Diego Vintage Dancers, who have produced two Vintage Dance Weeks, combining daytime instruction with evening balls, in recent years.

5 Professional-level skills

Defined as: Professional-level skills in a field of use to the Board and the League, such as (but not limited to): Business management; fund raising; marketing; communications; finance; Human Resources; Law.

Engineering: Industrial Engineer, registered in California. Industrial engineering, the coordination of men, machines, procedures, and money, to accomplish useful results, has provided many of the insights into the operation of cyclists in traffic.

Business Management: MS, Production Management, Cal State Long Beach. Ass. Prof. in, and wrote, Statistical Selection of Business Strategies (Chicago, 1968), the procedure for quantitatively evaluating current knowledge, the cost of obtaining better knowledge, and the risk of ignorance, to select the best course. As industrial engineer, rising to director of industrial engineering for a medium-sized high-technology company, I specialized in the relationship between the company's production operations and the company's financial goals in the outside world. I also served tours as an inspector-general, investigating the quality of the firm's operations.

Communications: I have written books on cycling, bicycle transportation, business management, and biography, with publishers ranging from self to prestigious university presses. I have written reports on cycling accidents for presentation in court. I have written papers on cycling subjects published in technical journals. I have made written and oral presentations about cycling to technical societies and to cycling organizations. I have written articles on cycling subjects published in the cycling press. I have engaged at considerable length in discussions of cycling subjects by electronic communications. I have provided information on cycling subjects to news reporters, both print and television.

Law: I have acted as principal in bicycling cases ranging from defense in traffic court to proceeding against a federal government regulatory agency in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (in which I won 4 out of 16 legal points).

I have assisted the California Legislature in revising statutory law regarding bicycles and bicycle operation. I have assisted the National Committee for Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances in revising the Uniform Vehicle Code regarding bicycles and bicycle operation.

In the course of my professional forensic work in the bicycle field, in several states, I have become familiar with the laws as they pertain to bicycles and to bicycle operation, and to considerations such as liability, burden of proof, negligence, and the like.

At this time I have been providing the technical management (and much of the supporting money) for a California Appellate case that is intended to restore the legal validity of the safety design standards for Class One Bikeways, which have, through a series of judicial mistakes, been invalidated.

I have also provided a large proportion of the technical analysis and management in a case involving American and International copyright for film production, whose problems were initially created by the mistaken actions of people now dead. Five years of analysis and negotiation resulted in the film company paying what it should have paid earlier.

6 Good Moral Character

Defined as: Of `good moral character' -- someone whose presence on the Board would not result in any embarrassment to the League.

I have the reputation for telling the truth. In many professional appearances in court, my testimony has never been impeached. In scientific work, I have advocated valid science and opposed junk science, according to the standard criteria for scientific validity. Others have attempted to discredit my scientific work, but none have succeeded.

I have been entrusted with funds owned by others and by other organizations, and my accounting for those funds has never been challenged. I have no debts and I have never been alleged to not pay any debt.

So far as I know, no personal relationships were discontinued with any remaining ill will. I was divorced, but that was more than 35 years ago.

7 Outside Connections

Defined as: Ability to Bring other substantial resources to the League, such as influential connections with potential donors, business or political leaders

I have already mobilized the intellectual resources that the League needs. I have no financial connections that are likely to donate to the League.

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